Gran Mugello Ubaldino – Tuscany Awards 2018 BEST CHEESE

The historic “Il Palagiaccio” Farm, as every year from the 13th century onwards, usually organizes a great event to celebrate the cutting of the first form of the Great Mugello Ubaldino. It is a semi-cooked cheese with a weight of 6-7 kg, produced exclusively at the Palagiaccio with raw milk from farm cows. It owes its name to the fact that it needs at least a year of maturing and refining in the “Ubaldine Caves” located deep under the battlemented tower of the Palagiaccio. The place is very characteristic and is famous for being the residence of Ser Ugolino da Senni, fearless Knight and illustrious member of the noble family of Ubaldini, one of the families mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy.