Gran Toscano Cow Cheese

Two prestigious stages such as the Central Market in Florence, the first place visited in Florence with the record of three million appearances in the year 2017 and the “Chicago Gourmet 2018” at Millenium Park are the locations where the expected event of the Tuscan autumn tradition that in this edition will also be enriched by interesting collateral initiatives.

Sunday, October 7 in Scarperia the Special Guest will be the prestigious company “Giusto Manetti Battiloro spa” that carries on the activity of the Battiloro since 1600, passing through 15 generations and becoming today world leader in the production of precious gold leaf, also used for Gourmet decorations.
At 5 pm the Cooking Master Luisanna Messeri will award the winners of the Food Blogger Contest, the national competition entitled: “Latti da mangiare 4.0”, where the Chefs of the Social Network will compete with their best recipes.
At 6 pm there will be the official presentation of the “Palagiaccio Pallacanestro Femminile Firenze” team that will play the “B” Series Women’s Basketball Championship this year.

In the evocative setting of the “Palazzo dei Vicari”, as usual, Sunday 7 October the most important moment will be at 18.30, when the First Citizen of Scarperia and San Piero will cut the first form of Grand Mugello Ubaldino production 2017, using the renowned cutting blades hand-forged by Scarperia Cutlers.
The Grand Mugello Ubaldino of the Historical Farm Palagiaccio is a semi-cooked cheese weighing 6-7 kg, produced exclusively for the Palagiaccio with raw milk from farm cows and owes its name to the fact that it requires at least one year of maturing and refinement in the “Ubaldine Caves” located deep under the battlemented tower of the Palagiaccio.

This characteristic place was the residence of “Ser Ugolino da Senni”, which as the Medieval History recalls, was fearless Knight and illustrious member of the noble family of the Ubaldini mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy.
In a prestigious site rich in history such as the Palazzo dei Vicari, some of the Mugello artisan excellences will be hosted, which are in strong synergy, like the knives of the Scarperiesi Knifemakers and the niche products of the historic Palagiaccio Farm.
Scarperia, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, still has some extraordinary uniqueness and the event of October 7th will be an important occasion to strengthen the process of Internationalization of Made in Italy and in this case especially of the Ma



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