Dear Customer,

Food Wine & Cultures also thanks to its subsidiary Tasty Tuscan Llc. offers a complete assistance path that starts from the regularization of the product and through logistical solutions aimed at containing costs, it is completed with a marketing and sales support action. We offer innovative and flexible direct delivery services, we offer assistance to the manufacturer that is approaching the US market:

– Set up
– Logistics
– Consulting

Set up: the product must meet the demands of the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau – Federal Agency that monitors and regulates the market of alcohol products in the US) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration – US Government regulation of food products): The TTB requires that individual labels be registered in order to obtain the COLA (Certificate of Label Approval) the “passport” that allows the product to be imported and marketed, while the FDA requires that each establishment obtain a registration number.

Logistics: collection, international shipping by air or by cargo ship, aspects taken care of directly by us and our logistics partners. We also offer a Storage and Compliance service until delivery to the final customer.

Consulting: we collaborate with a brand visibility building action through participation in events, the organization of food making dinner or tasting events and assistance for the creation of a distribution network.

The purpose of Food Wine & Cultures is to provide all the necessary tools to those who wish to be present on the U.s.a. market, skipping in some cases the figure of the traditional importer and producing a greater competitiveness of your product.
To conclude, we inform you that the Soprano’s Food brand has recently been launched, which will be a “label” synonymous with quality that can only be applied to the product selected by means of certain guarantee features.

Best regards, Carlo Capocchini